Hi! My name is Tim Williams. I live in a little town called Mifflin about a mile south of Clothier, WV. I married a wonderful girl named Mary Marie Dillon in 1975 and we have two wonderful boys. Also we have two wonderful grandchildren. Joshua Robert and Kaitlyn Marie Williams. I've been saved since December 1978 and since then I have not looked back.
   Let me tell you a little bit of my testimony of my past! It has not been an easy road that I come up on. When I was 14 years old my Daddy bought me an old Kay guitar and I fell in love with that thing. I can remember one of the first songs I ever learned to play was The Old Country Church. My Pa Paw and I use to sing it in and old church at Dobra about a mile above where I live. Well as life went on I kind of got into rock music and began to play it. I progressed in some things that I won't go into here but I became possessed with rock music. There was a time in my life I loved to play my guitar and rock music more than my family. When I was in about the 1l grade God delivered me from Demon Possession and set me free! Thank GOD!!! I lived for God until around October 1973. In August 1973 I had the best friend I ever had to die in a car wreck I also lost something else very dear to me at that time that I will not go into. I felt like I had lost everything  I ever had at that time. It tormented me to think that my friend might of died lost without God. So I blamed God for everything and was on the verge of committing suicide. I remember my mother telling me to quit crying over the things that had happened and little did she know what I was about to do. Instead of suicide I chose to pick my guitar back up and started playing back in the night clubs and every where else I could play. I blamed God for everything. I remember sticking my finger in the face of God and telling Him that if this is the way you do things then I don't want you anymore. But it was not God's fault - it was mine. I had let  Satan accuse my Heavenly Father and deceive me! Thank God for His Mercy! In 1978 I came to my sences and God forgave me of my ignorance. Since then I have been broadcasting the gospel in every way I can. Thank God for His MERCY!!!! I have a CD named Jesus Loves Me and I wrote all the songs on it. The one You Were There tells some of the story. Thank you Jesus for Your MERCY! 


















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